C4 2017 Chess Tournament Pgn Games


The pgn games for the just concluded C4 tournament compiled by Mr. Fasinu Tolulope is out for the view of all chess players to learn or prepare for their upcoming opponents. Sorry it took so long, we were looking for a better avenue to put the games up and replay would be possible without problems. The former script we have is now obsolete. Our programmers just got word of it and would make the necessary script that would be compatible for all our viewers.
We apologize. But in the mean time, the pgn games would be uploaded here in text format. All you have to do is copy all the text seen and paste in a notepad on your computer. You will then click on save. In the dialog box, save the file with “c42017.pgn”.  You can now open with your chessbase or any application that opens pgn files on your phone.
In the case of those using a phone, just highlight on the game you want to view only, copy it and paste it on analyze this, or any other application that opens pgn. You would be able to replay the games.

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