Teams came back stronger in this round. New players were introduced by some team to help secure wins over their opponents. No draws in this rounds. All winning teams won with 1point over their opponents.
Board 1
Team Saxx introduced Lakodun Kola to play on board 2 to secure a win over Delta Creed team with just 1 point.

Board 2
Facility Control outplayed Greater Tomorrow’s team gaining 5.5points, unfortunately, they had to forfeit 2boards. A huge mistake on the part of the captain who probably forgot the board order he submitted to the arbiter before the beginning of the round. Two of the team player’s sat on the wrong board other. In simple English, on board 2,  IGBOECHEONWU Clinton was supposed to play against Jonathan Oyelabi but played against Soyoye Tega while Oyemade Olamide of Greater Tomorrow played against Jonathan Oyelabi.
Greater Tomorrow also made a mistake of submitting Obi Elizabeth on board 6 but a Victoria Monja played on that board against Ikuenomore Ayodeji (Team captain for Facility Control). The penalty is automatic forfeit.

Board 3 saw Pedachess Team defeating Lekki Club with a 1point margin as well. It was a narrow escape. CM Abiola Akinseye of Pedachess team converted an almost losing position against Nathan Flow of Lekki club to win a critical point for his team.

Board 4
Oluwalasinu Seye of Magic Magnus threw away a clear winning position to Oluwaseyitan Femi of Evergreen. That point gave the win to Evergreen team.

Board 5
Chess Sensation after being sensitized by Facility Control the previous day came back stronger in this round against the Deciphers. They could have come on top but lost a critical board as a result of not sitting in accordance to their submitted board order. Kalensanwo Abimbola was supposed to play on board 5 against Nosa Efogiawere of Deciphers but went to play on board 6 against Dennis Daramola hence a forfeit.

Board 6
Another occurrence on board 6 here, Olabisi Rabiu of Outlier’s team was not around as at the time the board order was submitted to the arbiter. The captain seeing that the games was about to start and his player is not around scouted for another female player to play on that table. It was outright forfeit.

Board scores below.
Board 1

No. Team Saxx 3.5 Vs Delta Creed 2.5
1 Olufemi George 0 Omorere Benjamin 1
2 Ladokun Kola 1 Chemuete Diachavbe 0
3. Rotimi Lapite ½ Dolor Roy Enarevba ½
4. Fajemirokun Bimbo 0 Omojevu Precious 1
5. Alex Ayomide 1 Djagbo Emmanuel 0
6. Labake Coker 1 Tobi Ogunsanya 0

Board 2

No. Greater Tomorrow (GT) 2.5 Vs Facility Control 3.5
1 Bakare Toyosi ½ Edward Abiola 1/2
2 Igboechowe Clinton 1 Jonathan Oyelabi 0
3. Titus Maxwell 0 Eugene Uwana 1
4. Oyemade Olamide 1 Soyoye Tega 0
5. Anigboro Emmanuel 0 Balogun Olufemi 1
6. Obi Elizabeth 0 Ikuenomore Ayodeji 1

Board 3

No. Lekki Club 2.5 Vs Pedachess 3.5
1 Yemi Ajibade 1 Oluwatobiloba Job 0
2 Tochukwu Akagha 1 Oyewole Tumininu 0
3. Chinedu Obi ½ Onovughe Ochuko ½
4. Nathan Flow 0 Abiola Akinseye 1
5. Mbuotidem Brenda 0 Sodiya Babatunde 1
6. Abdulsallam Abdusallam 0 Ajibola Olanrewaju 1

Board 4

No. Magic Magnus 2.5 Vs Evergreen 3.5
1 Okpebuo Somto 0 Erhabor Benjamin 1
2 Emmanuel Akintoye 0 Dasaolu Rotimi 1
3. Charles Campbell 1 Ifeoluwa Monje 0
4. Onakoya Tunde 1 Oluwaseun Assa 0
5. Oluwalasinu Seye 0 Oluwaseyitan Femi 1
6. Ogunwobi Tolulope ½ Akintola Fola ½

Board 5

No. Chess Sensation 2.5 Vs Deciphers 3.5
1 Udeme Dominic 1 Hashit Venket 0
2 Davidson Jimi 1 Fashola Modupe 0
3. Omisakin Praises ½ Austin Apemiye ½
4. Peace Samson 0 Oluwole Oladele 1
5. Kalesanwo Abimbola 0 Nosa Efogiawere 1
6. Roqueeb Kazeem 0 Dennis Daramola 1

Board 6

No. Blue Ocean 3.5 Vs Outliers 2.5
1 Ajele Rotimi 1 Abiola Jacobs 0
2 Adedapo Odugbesan 1 Akinwamide Tosin 0
3. Nkem Omisogbon 0 Tope Oki 1
4. Fabeyo Fred ½ Odiase Oluwaseun ½
5. Qosim Olawoyiin 0 Patric Greg 1
6. Adeniyi Kareem 1 Rabiu Olabisi 0


There was a little controversy over using match points or game points in this tournament. When the suggestion of using match points to supersede game points, Mr. Dasaolu Rotimi stood his ground that Game Points would supersede Match Points and his decision is final. All the captain despite not all favour accepted.

Nigerian Chess Oracle in person of Efemuai Odafe put a call through to Mr. Dasaolu Rotimi who said an appeal of to the decision can be made by the captains who don’t like the decision and can be reversed if they win the appeal.  Finally, the Chief Arbiter in person of IA Ogbonnaya Obinna addressed the issue. Match Points would be used. A win is 3points, Draw is 1point and Loss is 0point

Cross Table and sowing Ranking below.

Facility Control X 3.5 6 6 9.5 1st
Pedachess X 3.5 5 6 8.5 2nd
Evergreens X 3.5 3 4 6.5 3rd
Lekki Club 2.5 X 5 3 7.5 4th
Magic Magnus 2.5 X 4 3 6.5 5th
Delta Creed X 3.5 2.5 3 6 6th
Deciphers 2.5 X 3.5 3 6 7th
Team Saxx 2 3.5 X 3 5.5 8th
Blue Ocean 1 X 3.5 3 4.5 9th
Outliers 3 2.5 X 1 5.5 10th
Greater Tomorrow 2.5 1 X 0 3.5 11th
Chess Sensation 0 2.5 X 0 2.5 12th


  1. Delta Creed Vs Outliers
  2. Deciphers Vs Blue Ocean
  3. Evergreens Vs Chess Sensation
  4. Pedachess Vs Magic Magnus
  5. Facility Control Vs Lekki Club
  6. Greater Tomorrow Vs Team Saxx

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