The Deciphers’ Team Wins CPAN Chess League Season 3

A real grand finish at the just concluded CPAN Chess League season 3 as the Decipher’s team emerged the champions with a clear 20 match points out of a possible 22points after defeating Team Yabatech College 4.5-1.5. IM Oladapo Adu who just came back from the Olympiad played a very important role in the team as a wild card, boosting the team’s confidence and leading them to victory well deserved.

Ambesh, Tochukwu Akagha, Keyush Venket, Dennis Daramola, Ofowino Toritsemuwa, Austin Apemiye, IM Adu Oladapo








Facility Control team, who are the favourites to win the league leading on tie break with the Decipher’s team before the last round were held to a draw by the Chesszits team hence sending them to the second place giving the Decipher’s team who were tied against them the full first place position. No one had envisaged the two-time defending champions to be held to a draw against a team that was ranked 8th on the table. Some players even believed before the games there would be a form of colluding. As Facility Control were battling for the first place, Chesszit team were battling for bragging rights. It was a tough battle for the Facility Control’s team who had spectacular players including the latest International Master Balogun Oluwafemi who just got back with a decent result from the Olympiad in Georgia but couldn’t intimidate Eyenghe Sunny (2083) who cleaned him out in a superb Knight, Bishop and pawns vs Rook and pawns endgame. Not to mention Mr. Abdulrahman Abdulraheem who has been 1st position in the two strongest open tournaments held in the country so far. Candidate Master Abiola Akinseye who has been the Most Valuable Player back to back lost his unbeaten run against CM Oragwu Chukwunonso who was a wild card for the Chesszits team. It is of note that history repeateted itself since CM Abiola Akinseye also lost his final round of the CPAN League in the last season 2017 for the same team.

Ikuenomore Ayodeji, Okemakinde Toluwanimi, Abdulrahman Abdulraheem, Soyoye Mandy, IM Balogun Oluwafemi, Abel Soyoye

Blue Ocean Team contended against the Outliers to take a clear third place position and succeeded in drowning the entire Outliers team with a lone survivor, the captain Mr. Adewale Adelaja hence ending 5-1. Outliers settled for 4th position. They were joint first as at the end of round 8. The last three rounds went downhill for this formidable team from Iyana Iba environs in Lagos.

(L-R) Odugbesan Dapo, Omishogbon Nkem, Akinwamide Oluwadamilare, Fabeyo Fred, Adewole Adeyinka, Atharva Mehra, FM Ajibowo Olamide, Yemi Ewi, Adebayo Doris and Ajele Rotimi
(L-R) Uche Clive, Tope Oki, Frank Ewofobe, Adewale Adelaja, Okeke Isaac, Akinniyi Adebayo















Evergreen team who also was vying for the third place position were terminated by the Junior Terminators defeating them with a narrow margin of 3.5-2.5points hereby sending them to 5th position.

FM Agusto Obafunmilayo, Mr. Fash, FM Erhabor David, Dr. Odum Martin, Babalola Adebayo, Assa Oluwaseun, Ayomide Ibrahim

Team Saxx found a loophole against the Unilag Team. The later didn’t submit their board order on time hence had to use the board order used in their last game. Unfortunately, the players that were available as at the last game were not the same set of players available for this round hence walkover on the boards. The match ended 4.5-1.5 in favour of Team Saxx hence securing 6th position on the table.

Jide Tobun, Fajemirokun Abimbola, Ayokanmi Ajayi, Fasinu Tolulope, Oluwatobiloba Job, Lapite Oluwadurotimi
Junior Terminators…with Coach Boyo Paul Kehinde

 Junior Terminators had a good run in this tournament, they held Outliers team to a draw as at round 9, held Unilag Team to a draw in round 10 before defeating the Evergreen team in the last round. They were also able to defeat Chess Sensation, Team Yabatech and Hope for Girls in the earlier rounds. 7th position is not bad for this young lads.

Don’t be deceived by the ranking of Chesszits. They lost their very first match to Outliers without moving a pawn. They were en-route to the tournament venue as at the commencement of the games. Their time elapsed before getting to the venue due to one reason or the other which was not communicated to the Organizers beforehand. Though the captain of Outliers team was consulted if they can actually reschedule the match but did not agree after he consulted with his team members hence the 6-0 result in the first round. They also lost to Hope for Girls, Team Unilag and Team Saxx in round 6, 7 and 8 respectively for not appearing to play their games. This team held one of the leaders Facility Control team to a draw, stopping their chance of winning the league.

CM Oragwu Nonso, Obubele Koko, Ezinna Lovejoy, Perpetual Ogbiyoyo, Ugushida Ikorogbudu, Patience Sylvester, Ezinna Tochukwu, Henshaw Effiong, Eyenghe Sunny

Team Unilag lead by Ofubu Samson a.k.a Zlater ended 9th in the league ahead of Chess Sensation led by the Vice President of Chess Players’ Association of Nigeria Mr. Udeme Edet, Hope for Girls and Team YCT who didn’t win a single match in the tournament but held to a draw by Hope for Girls team. Team Yaba College Technology have shown case some talents among them. The likes of Ekunke Perez and Ekunke Goodness. These are raw talents and can be nurtured among others to become superb players in the country in the nearest future.

The UNILAG Team Captained by the young man beside the lady…Ofubu Samson a.k.a Zlatics
Hope for Girls Team…Coach Boyo Paul Kehinde

This was a well run tournament and deserved accolades from the Chess Players Association of Nigerian Executives; Ms. Ayokanmi Ajayi (President), Mr. Udeme Edet (Vice President), Mr. Fasinu Tolulope (Secretary), Mr. Dasaolu Rotimi (Financial Secretary) and Mr. Oyeleye Olawale (Public Relation Officer) who was also the League Secretary.

Appreciation goes to the Chief Arbiter IA. Hikmot who did everything in her might to help the league get rated by the Nigerian Chess Federation but due to some unforeseen circumstances couldn’t be achieved. The CPAN team apologized and held on to their pledge of returning a percentage of the entry fees back to the team captains.

Players are already looking forward to the next season and there might be emergence of more teams like GTbank Chess Team, Stanbic Bank Chess Team, Mr. Tunde Onakoya of Chess in the Slums would be bringing a team as well. It is possible Pedachess team joins the league next season and many more. If you need a team of chess players, please send an email to or We can help secure players who are ready to play for your team and showcase your brand.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone that participated, God bless you all. See you next year!

Final ranking
Rank Team Gam. + = MP Pts.
1 DECIPHERS 11 10 0 1 20 45
2 FACILITY CONTROL 11 9 1 1 19 49
3 BLUE OCEAN 11 8 0 3 16 42
4 OUTLIERS 11 7 1 3 15 41½
5 EVERGREEN 11 7 0 4 14 36½
6 TEAM SAXX 11 6 0 5 12 38½
7 JUNIOR TERMINATOR 11 4 2 5 10 29
8 CHESSZITS 11 4 1 6 9 26
9 TEAM UNILAG 11 3 1 7 7 32
10 CHESS SENSATION 11 3 0 8 6 25
11 HOPE FOR GIRLS 11 1 1 9 3 17
12 TEAM YCT 11 0 1 10 1 14½


Click here is the link to the round by round pairing and Final standing cross table.

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