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Nigerian Chess is improving gradually. We now have over 100 rated players (including 5 International Master, 3 Fide Masters, 9 Candidate Masters) and still counting, now ranked 88th in the world, thanks to the effort of the Nigerian Chess Federation (NCF) led by the passionate NCF President Mr. Lekan Adeyemi who is doing everything in his might to make rated tournaments possible and increase Nigerian rated players to 1000! Some say this is large, but with rated tournaments organized all around Nigeria, I bet this would be achieved in lesser time than we expected. KUDOS to NCF team! Keep up the good work.

Now that we have the top ten rated players in the country, I have a suggestion about the format I think NCF could use for the next NBL to determine the National Champion of the country. A Single Round-Robin played between the Top Ten players of the country as at a particular month in a year (for example, the top ten players in the country as at 1st of September 20XX would be invited to contest NBL Championship in November 20XX) . This would allow lower rated players who wants to contest for the title to play their best and be amongst the top 10 before every September of every year. This also makes every player to be on their toes because, this same top ten players would be considered for trials to determine who represents the country in any international competition e.g. Olympiad et al. This I believe would take chess to a whole new level.

There of course would be an Open section where all other players can play including international players invited all over the world.

The female category should be looked into. Only the top ten female players should also be invited to contest for female National Champion. There could definitely be provisions for 2-3 wild cards for unrated but strong players either using a tournament performance as a criteria. This would also create a challenge for the ladies to register and play their heart out in all Opens rated tournaments organized in the country at the very beginning of the year in other to be amongst the top ten for the next NBL championship.

All eyes would both be on the top ten male and female Single round robin and also all eyes on the opens section which gives more media coverage and public attention. This I believe would improve the image of chess in the country.


No Name Title Rating Birthyear
1. Kigigha Bomo C 2305 1982
2. Adesina Adeyinka C 2287 1981
3. Adebayo Adegboyega F 2269 1974
4. Oragwu Chukwunonso C 2254 1990
5. Aikhoje Odion IM 2253 1971
6. Dieyi Rowland C 2252 1982
7. Akintola Fola IM 2248 1966
8. Sorungbe Ademola C 2243 1983
9. Adu Oladapo IM 2241 1971
10. Abimbola Osunfuyi 2238 1994


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  1. This will definitely bring in stiffer competition in tournaments and increase the standard of the game in the country, though there is no perfect system but the suggested system is worth putting into consideration by the NCF , though i believe NCF has a plan close to this if not exactly the same, the implementation is however another cup of tea, Round Robbin tournaments is generally more stronger than open tournaments as the element of luck is reduced and this forces players to inculcate deeper preparation in every phase of the game.

  2. Nice one! But I prefer that the six best performing players during the year and then the next 6 highest rated players making a total of 12 players

  3. As far as i know, the NBL will no longer be the determinant of the Nigeria National Champion, but just another International tournament, which will be an International Master Norm tournament.
    There is already plans in place to organize a closed championship, which will be used to determine who the National Champion for the nest year will be.
    For the ladies, there should be an all women chess championship, which i want to believe will be the determinant of the Women Champion for the next year. And it is quite interesting to note that some ladies are giving the guys a run for their money OTB.
    All in all, a good post and an idea that is already being worked on.

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