CM Charles Campbell Wins 2015 National Friends of Chess!


With a tournament performance of 2486 elo rating and amassing
a whooping 29 rating points (using chessbase 12 crosstable),
CM Charles Campbell with elo rating of 2100 wins National Friends Of Chess on tie break
over 3 International Masters, 1 Fide Master and 4 other Candidate masters on tie break.

National Friends of Chess 2015
Tournament Director Rotimi Dasaolu
chief Arbiter Ogbonnaya Obinna
Arbiter Amisun Omotayo, Otuchere Kingsley, Vivian Dzaayem
Time Control 90mins + 30secs bonus added
Venue Chevron Recreational Center, Gbagada, Lagos
Date: 06/08/2015 – 09/09/2015

CM Charles Campbell not only took the trophy home but also a lovely sum of
N350,000 was shared equally with CM Adeyinka Adesina.
Many players came in head strong to this tournament with a delightful heart
only to start being short lived from their first round.
We bring to you round by round reports with some lovely game annotations.

The first shocker in this round is seeing the second highest rated player in
the country Unwana Eugene Ekpoikong (2300) losing against an unrated Salawu Mutiu (2070).
Guess what opening? Caro Khan! Same Caro Kahn that was employed by Lapite Rotimi against
him at the Millionaires opens.

Ogbogho Dennis (2065) held IM Aikhoje Odion to a draw, Lapite Oluwadurotimi (2238)
was held to a draw by Koko Obele (2030) after the former missed some winning sacrifices.
Unrated Adelakun Adewale secured a lovely draw against Onovughe Ochuko (2157) after the
missed the winning continuation to a well conducted King’s Indian defense.

Unrated Adegun Samuel was also able to beat Omodunni Felix (2155). It was a typical drawn
position and out of the blue, white played b5???

Unrated Ojo John was defeated Caiafas Theophilus (2131), Unrated Oladele Wole defeated Obanuta
David (2131) in 62 moves.

A spectacular game between Balogun Femi 2234 against Shaapera Dooterna (2138); Shaapera in pursuit of
a free pawn lost a piece to a tactical oversight.
After drawing the first round, the highest rated player and National Master Kigigha Bomo couldn’t put
Dennis Ogbogho (2065) back on the ground. The game shows the latter came to play for a draw, commited
blunders but CM Bomo missed all his chances. There was a point were the tables got turned around but
Dennis the machine couldn’t see the move the machine suggested at that point in time.

IM Odion was also held to a draw by Dr Martin Odum and Koko Obele secured a draw with IM Olape Bunmi.
Seemed the old players have a beef for the young in this tournament. Mr Dave Erhabor defeated Lapite Rotimi
after the latter blundered in a more or less drawn end game.

Eyenghe Sunny defeated Babalola Bayo. It was a 6th and 7th rank invasion and an outside queen side pawn
creation that concluded the whole ordeal.

After a defeat from unrated Ojo John, Mr Caiafas was simply outplayed by another unrated Adebayo Akinniyi.
Obanuta David also lost to unrated Abdulraheem Abdulrahman.

The 2nd day of the tournament, the boys are being separated from the men from this round upward. Balogun Femi played played almost accurately
this round. He found the winning plan and executed it in a spectacular way. I bet it is the game of the round if

Ajibola Olanrewaju made just one retreating move with his bishop and Adesina Adeyinka seeing the symptom of the retreat
went ahead to use is doctoring skill in the necessary treatment.

Abimbola Osunfuyi aka Young GM executed a brilliant finish in Tal’s style against Ajibowo Olamide. Sacrificing a
knight and a Rook for his opponent’s queen. All this started with a poisonous looking center pawn.
Charles Campbell secured a draw against IM Adu Oladapo.

After securing a draw with the highest rated player and winning his unrated player in round 2, the 1976 and 1977
National Champion Oyeneyin Tajudeen 2093 defeated Omorere Benjamin (2212). Mr Tajudeed is probably Nigeria’s Korchnoi (lol).
Koko Obele (2030) defeated Unwana Eugene (2300) but this time around, it wasn’t the usual Caro Khan but the French

IM Olape Bunmi had another draw against Adewole Adeyinka (1933) a sponsor and former CPAN president. In fact the ex president
was winning the position but guess he couldn’t find the winning variation after been held on rope for too long and decided to
for repetition in a totally lost game for white. IM Olape has more work to do. Millionaires open is nigh!

After losing his game to Balogun Femi in the second round, Shaapera Dooterna was held to a draw by an unrated Adebayo Akinniyi.
Unrated Ugochukwu Nnubia also held Lapite Oluwadurotimi to a draw. Kyosu Joe held Obanuta David (2131) as well to a draw.

Osunfuyi went to board 1 to see if he could stop the CM Balogun Femi on board 1. He went in head strong and tried to play an
all out counter offensive on the queenside but CM Balogun Femi made sure there was no entry from that side of the board. Draw
was agreed after 38moves. Rowland Dieyi also went to meet Adesina Adeyina on board 2. Employing the queen’s indian, the latter
former had no difficulties drawing.
A small h6 pawn push deterioriated Ajibola Olanrewaju’s position against Koko Obele. The latter exploited the advantage to earn
a full point.
Charles Campbell using the caro khan defeated FM Ajibowo Olamide having more pawns and a decisive passed pawn.

The 3rd day i term the decisive day. It was indeed a blood bath.
Akinseye Abiola went all out against Balogun Femi who calmly waved off the threats Akinseye brought up. The position was balanced to
the 37th move until white played the losing move 38.Rcc4? …………Rb8 is best

Osunfuyi Abimbola was not able to slay Adeyinka’s Sicilian. The Doctor was able to capture a central pawn which led to an advantage
and was converted to a win.
The National Champion went head on against Charles Campbell. In a benoni like structure, the game was even till the end of the
game where the National Champion made an unforgivable blunder (maybe due to fatigue), moving his King away from the protection of a crucial pawn. Charlie
siezed the opportunity and won the game.

Ajele Rotimi held Anwuli Daniel to a draw. Onokpite Kennedy 2132 lost to Okpo Uwe 1907 in this round. The latter was able to trap his opponent’s Rook which
was sacrificed for a knight. Less than 7moves later, one of Kennedy’s piece was hanging asides a mate in 6moves that was looming. It was a brilliant play
from Uwe Okpo who had a draw against IM Olape Bunmi at a former round.

Olape Bunmi hasn’t won a single round in this tournament neither has he lost. His fifth draw was against Dr Martin Odum who employed the Caro Khan defense.
The game was equally balanced all through.
Fatigue began to set in some Lapite Oluwadurotimi who donated a free knight to Agusto Rahman 2026. The latter made sure the donation yielded full point.
Another table saw a clear drawn game but Omodunni Felix 2155 declined a draw offer from an unrated Oluwalasinu Lanre and blundered. Seye made sure the
blunder stayed a blunder and took the point.
FM Ajibowo Olamide was also drew against unrated Adelakun Adewale. Adelakun was winning the position and missed a tactical combination that would have won
the game, Ajibowo later equalized and also had a winning move at the end game which he so missed and settled for a drawn position.

This tournament is not going well for Obanuta David 2131. He was so anxious to play against rated players before and after his rating of 2131, he is definitely
going to lose a chunk of his rating this way. It shows he has lots of work to do.

The 2 leaders CM Balogun Femi and CM Adeyinka Adesina finally met in this round. They were careful all through. After 37moves and no headsway, they both agreed a draw.
Dieyi Rowland 2224 was able to hold IM Adu Oladapo to a draw in this round. His tenacity in defending the position after IM missed some ways to exploit his initial
Charles Campbell went ahead to beat Anwuli Daniel. The latter went to sacrifice a whole bishop for simply put…NOTHING! Fatigue really told on his calculation.
Osunfuyi Abimbola is winning steam has cooled off in this tournament. He went to lose to Ajele Rotimi 2137. Allowed his opponent a free pawn on b4 which after Ajele
Captured gave white him a the advantage. Ajele slipped at a point that required a rook knight sac on b3, but Osunfuyi missed it, Ajele took the point home.
Eyenghe Sunny 2021 was able to draw Akinseye Abiola 2186 after the latter missed Qg4 that could keep the pressure on the white pieces.
Daramola Dennis (1913) was able to beat Ajibola Olanrewaju (2157) in this round. Having a winning advantage against Dennis, went for a wrong plan of attack which totally
reduced his advantage, played inaccurately till he got himself in a totally lost position. Losing a totally won position to a very much lower rated player might cause
sleepless night…
A fantastic game by unrated Oluwalasinu Lanre Seye against Edunwale Hakeem 2131. The latter employed a french defense and left the b7 pawn unguarded, Seye boldly took
the pawn, after all most of black pieces are on the queen side, he switched his attack on the king side, made a powerful sacrifice to annihilate the King’s side for
a mating attack and took the point. His first rating should be 2100+ or close to.
IM Olape Bunmi made a record for himself in this tournament. Drew 6games on a row. This time with Oluwaseyitan Femi.
Adelakun Adewale totally missed a winning chance which probably a superGM would see and definitely an engine, but was able to play to a drawn position. Fatigue definitely
set in has Omodunni Felix 2155 self destructed his draw by allowing a passed pawn.

This is the final day of the event. An unexpected turn happened.
Balogun Femi 2234 had his very first loss in this crucial round to Charles Campbell. After a lovely sacrifice of a bishop for 2pawns by black, to expose the white King,
Femi went for another variation that didn’t released white off the pressure. Campbell with accurate play took advantage and won the game to come 1st.
IM Odion Aikhoje (2268) lost to Adesina Adeyinka 2199 by blundering a piece on the 13th move to resign on the 16th move.

The game between Onabogun Kolade 2184 and Adu Oladapo 2241 i would term lovely. The two players battled for 65moves. The set up against the sicilian that Onabogun employed
has been used by top grandmaster like Garry Kasparov, Svidler, Morozevich at the top level of chess. With opposite side castling, IM Adu pawn stormed white’s queen side.
Onabogun locked closed his queen making sure his king is safe and in turn started opening lines on black’s king side. The game was really intense. Both made concessions but
neither of them was able to take advantage of each other’s mistakes. Draw was agreed.

Dieyi Rowland won Ajele Rotimi in just 17 moves to bag the 3rd place in this match.
Kigigha Bomo won Ochuko in 13moves.
Lots of draws in this round as well…

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