IM Adu Oladapo, Odugbesan Adedapo and Edidiong Amos wins 7th C4 Tournament

IM Adu Oladapo wins the Over 2000 7th CPAN Chevron Chess Challenge 2019 while Odugbesan Adedapo and Edidion Amos  won under 2000 and Unrated categories respectively.
The Chess Players Association of Nigeria since 2013 never defaulted in their annual championship. The 7th edition had a bleak stand of holding but thanks to wonderful private sponsors who came in at the brink of time to make the tournament come a success.
At first, the first prize of the tournament especially in the Masters category was N100,000. The top players in the country mentioned their dissatisfaction about it. Although CPAN got more money than the 6th edition, but saw the need to spread the prizes amongst lower rated players who excels to a certain performance so as to encourage them to strive for better results next time. The top rated players were of the opinion that the prize structure should be centralized amongst the best in the tournament hence some anonymous sponsors came in at the nick of time to increase the star prize of the tournament by 50%.

CPAN Chevron Chess Challenge
Chevron Recreational Center, Gbagada,
Swiss Tournament (Rated)
7 Rounds
Over 2000 Category, Under 2000 Category and Unrated Category
Oyeleye Olawale (Chief Arbiter)
16th – 19th May 2019

Due to the fact that the Nigerian Chess Federation sent out a message on whatsapp, earlier this year which was not officially stated on any letterhead paper nor on the NCF page, that players without FIDE ID should start paying a sum of N5,000 before they can get a FIDE ID. Without a FIDE ID, players who compete in a FIDE rated tournament will not allow such tournament to be rated until their respective federation creates an ID for them. This ID is what FIDE uses to recognize its players and generates ratings for them based on their games in tournaments they participate when submitted. The Chess Players Association of Nigeria Executives led by Miss Ayokanmi Ajayi are totally not in support of this new development. Hence an unrated section was created to enable players that don’t have FIDE IDs to come play chess so as not to affect the overall rating of the tournament.

Over 2000 Category
With a loss to FM Kigigha Bomo (2270), International Master Adu Oladapo (2271) edged out Onokpite Kennedy (2103) on head to head tie break to become the Champion of the 7th edition of the CPAN Chevron Chess Challenge 2019 which also projects him back to the highest rated player in the country. Onokpite Kennedy (2103)suffered his first loss ever against IM Adu Oladapo (2271) after offering the latter a draw in what he felt was a drawn position but IM Adu Oladapo proved he could extract blood from stone which he did. This category had 10 titled chess players making it a formidable field of play, IM Adu Oladapo had a performance rating of 2474.Onokpite Kennedy came second on tie break leaving with a rating performance of 2399. FM Kigigha to tie for clear 3rd place after miraculously winning a piece down position against FM Erhabor David in the first round of the tournament.
Edet Udeme (2155) 2 losses sent in to joint 4th with AJibola Olanrewaju (2262) whom he also defeated in the 5th round of the tournament.
Okonkwo Ifeanyi (2036) with a 40k factor had the largest number of loss in rating in this tournament of -67 rating points sending him back to 1900+ while Oyakhilome Daniel had the highest gain of +45 rating points

Under 2000 Category
A player of the Blue Ocean team Odugbesan Adedapo (1965) aka Karmadus won this category 6/7 on tie break over Okpo Uwe (1922) of Pedachess team who had a rating performance of 2201. The first Woman International Master in Nigeria and West Africa Ofowino Toritsemuwa (1841) tied for 3rd place amongst the warlords in this category losing just one game and held the tournament winner to a draw in the final round. She amassed about 36rating points at the end of the tournament to push her rating to 1877 which is 23 points closer to 1900 mark.



Daniel Berein who came to the tournament with zero rating finished joint 3rd and got an initial rating of 1908 for starters. Nwokocha John who tied for 5th place with 0 rating is now rated 1845 at the end of the tournament. Zero rated Edunwale Olalekan Taofeek is now rated 1835, 14 years Osadebe Emmanuel Ikechukwu also came joint which is a wonderful feat for this young lad. His rating at the end of the tournament is 1855. Despite Ekanem Nathan’s performance of joint 5th, he didn’t meet up with the number of games that would generate his first rating.
Although Okeke Isaac (1739) wasn’t among the prize winners, he seems to gain more than more from this tournament as he amassed 94 rating points pushing him to 1833. Other players that gained massively from this are Abimbola Kalensanwo (1599) gained 87 rating points, Suleiman Azumi (1765) gained 40 rating points, Cole Michael (1840) +57 rating points.
Biggest losers in rating points were Ichado Innocent (1993) losing 72 rating points, Izuogu Mickey (1938) loses 70 rating points, Ajumobi Samuel (1943) loses 63 rating points, Mafoitan Oladipupo (1881) losing 57 rating points.

Unrated category
Two way tie in the Unrated category seeing Edidiong Amos edging out Onabote Olasubomi on tie breaks. Animashaun Arowolo came third on tie break with Afolabi Emmanuel, Idowu Ibikunle and Adetilewa Adeola.
Worthy of note is under 10 Ekunke Goodness tying for the 10th position in this category of grown up chess players. This talent should be nurtured and can be the next face of Nigerian chess if professional groomed.

Pgn replay games of the Over 2000 below. Courtesy of Former National Champion Oyeneyin Tajudeen

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