Maxton Suite Blitz Tournament Grand Finale!

The most consistent tournament since January 2016 would be having its final grand finale on Saturday 17th, December 2016. A tournament which was initiated by Mr. Adewole Adeyinka who is an Ex-President of Chess Player’s Association of Nigeria. There were less rated blitz players in Nigeria, as a matter of fact about 17 players had a blitz rating. Imagine strong players like IM Odion Aikhoje, CM Roland Dieyi, FM Kigigha Bomo (who is now the highest rated blitz player in the country) had no blitz rating as at January 2016. The goal was to get 100 blitz rated players before the end of the year 2016 and amazingly by the end of October 2016, the goal was achieved. One hundred and Seventeen (117) players have blitz rating in Nigeria.

The Grand Finale couldn’t be held at Maxton Suite Hotel  situated at 50, Ajose Street, Mende, Maryland Lagos; who has been very consistent in giving sponsorship by providing a venue and a room to lodge for free for winners of each month’s event. But due to the fact that it cannot accommodate the number of players coming; more than 150 players are  expected in this superb tournament, Maxton Suite Hotel won’t be able to accommodate all the players. Hence, the tournament venue was moved to Lagos Country Club situated at 2 Joel Ogunnaike Street, Off Mobolaji Bank, Anthony Way, GRA, Ikeja,

Omojola George Vs IM Olape Bunmi

IM Odion Aikhoje vs Odafe Efemuai

CM Nonso (2224) vs CM Roland (2120)










There would be two (2) separate categories which would be ran simultaneously on that very day.
List of Arbiters include:
1. IA Ogbonnaya Obinna
2. FA Boyo Paul
3. Rabiu Olabisi
1.  Champion of Champions Category
Only top the five (5) Winners of the past Maxton Suite Blitz Tournament from January till November are eligible to play in this section. 25 Players qualified to play while the remaining 15 players were selected by their ratings.
It would be a 7 rounds tournament where the top 8 after the 7th round would go for Quarter-final. 4 of them would qualify for Semi-final while the last two standing will play the Final. We can only have one winner.
The entry fee for players in this category is N4,000!


There are 8 prizes in this category:
Star Prize: N200,000
2nd Prize: N50,000
3rd Prize: N40,000
4th Prize: N30,000
5th Prize: N20,000
6th Prize: N10,000
7th Prize: N5,000
8th Prize: N5,000

Players Eligible are Listed below.

1 Kigigha Bomo FM 2337
2 Oladapo Adu IM 2314
3 Olape Olubunmi IM 2295
4 Adebayo Adegboyega FM 2283
5 Odion Aikhoje IM 2263
6 Sorungbe Ademola CM 2252
7 Anwuli Daniel FM 2242
8 Osunfuyi Abimbola FM 2211
9 Adeyinka Adesina CM 2200
10 Balogun Oluwafemi FM 2199
11 Oragwu Chukwunonso CM 2195
12 Agusto Obafunmilayo FM 2186
13 Fajemirokun Abimbola 2171
14 Ajibola Olanrewaju 2169
15 Charles Campbell CM 2168
16 FM Eugene Unwana 2163
17 Onovughe Ochuko FM 2156
18 Oluwaseyitan Femi 2140
19 Benjamin Omorere 2139
20 Yemi Ewi 2136
21 Ajibowo Olamide FM 2131
22 Dieyi Roland CM 2123
23 Ajele Rotimi 2121
24 Emojevu Precious 2115
25 Udeme Edet 2103
26 Ogunwobi Tolulope 2102
27 Abdurahman Akintoye 2095
28 Adewole Adeyinka 2091
29 Fawole John FM 2091
30 Oluwalasinu Seye 2085
31 Onokpite Kennedy 2081
32 Erhabor David FM 2075
33 Iwaloye Rotimi 2073
34 Babalola Bayo 2067
35 Adewale Adelaja 2066
36 Fred Fabeyo 2061
37 Apemiye Austin 2057
38 Odugbesan Adedapo 2036
39 Dasaolu Rotimi 2023
40 Odafe Efemuai 1992

2. Opens Category
This category is open to all players that can’t find their names on the list above. They would also play the same game format as above. The time control is 5mins+3secs added on. Top 8 after round 7 would qualify for Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final. Entry fee is N2,000
Time: 12pm – 6pm.
Star Prize = N100,000
2nd Prize = N40,000
3rd Prize = N30,000
4th Prize = N20,000
5th Prize = N5,000
6th Prize = N5,000

Come with your chessboards and clocks! This is the biggest event of the year! Lets come and have fun!

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