Robert Asibor’s Rated Blitz Chess Tournament!!!


In Celebrating a wonderful Chess Player and Veteran, Mr. Asibor Robert, a rated blitz tournament has been organized sponsored by the celebrant himself.

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Chess players around the country would be meeting to play a 9rounds blitz tournament on Sunday, 26th of March 2017.
As at now, 29players have registered in the tournament which include about 8 titled players.
Registration is still going on.
N2000 is paid to
Oyeleye Olawale
Time:1.30pm – 6p.m
Note there is no African time.

The organizers are begging players to bring their boards and clocks along to avoid reduction in your playing time.
The best chess photographer of the year 2016 would be there, in person of Olugbenga Irantiola of Guze Art World. Dress well so as to have a beautiful picture as well.

Question is, who is going to win this tournament and with how many points? 

Your Prediction in the Comment Box below.

Entry closes by Sunday 26th March 2017 at 1.30pm

The first correct Prediction wins N1,000 in recharge card of any network of your choice. This is limited to Nigerian Chess Players Alone courtesy of
SNo. Title Name IRtg FED
1 IM Aikhoje Odion 2367 ngr
2 IM Olape Bunmi 2295 ngr
3 IM Adu Oladapo 2287 ngr
4 FM Balogun Oluwafemi 2229 ngr
5 FM Anwuli Daniel 2209 ngr
6 Ajibola Olanrewaju 2186 ngr
7 FM Onovughe Ochuko 2157 ngr
8 Yemi Ewi 2122 ngr
9 Dasaolu Rotimi 2103 ngr
10 FM Ajibowo Olamide 2094 ngr
11 Efemuai Odafe 2066 ngr
12 FM Erhabor David 2063 ngr
13 Udeme Edet 2057 ngr
14 Adewole Adeyinka 2046 ngr
15 Akinniyi Adebayo 2011 ngr
16 Esangbedo Odion 1973 ngr
17 Olajide Tobun 1911 ngr
18 Stephen Koya 1899 ngr
19 Kareem Adeniyi 1898 ngr
20 Obioma Onuoha 1894 ngr
21 Sadiku Omolola 1885 ngr
22 Giwa Oladotun 1880 ngr
23 Mafoitan Oladipupo 1875 ngr
24 Samson Peace 1866 ngr
25 Omotayo Toluwanimi 1826 ngr
26 Olomola Olusegun 1792 ngr
27 Rabiu Olabisi 1654 ngr
28 Nnubia Ugochukwu 0 ngr
29 Oyeleye Olawale 0 ngr

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